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Our purpose is to help businesses, Governments and communities discover + move towards their preferred future by using words to bring ideas to life.


Communications is more than assembling words.


Whilst for some, it’s mere turd polishing, for others, it can unlock entirely new possibilities. 

We're in the business of epiphanies which we achieve through fusing strategy and creativity in our own unique way:

We master tactics and we master strategy.

We're as comfortable with spreadsheets as with the written word.

We have one eye on design, the other on strategic thinking. 

Commercially minded but creatively hearted. 

Big picture orientated but focused on the smallest of details.

Systemic thinkers whilst dreamers of new possibilities.

Professional, but with a splash of chutzpah. 

Conceptualisers. Strategists. Wordsmiths. Thinkers. 

We pursue the power of clarity.


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Luke Webb

Chief Wordsmith & Strategist

Luke is passionate about helping teams and communities and individuals operate with high levels of purpose, meaning and unencumbered creating. He has a diverse background - an aerospace engineer, science communicator, national security community convenor, safety specialist, and service management researcher. He blends these many professional and personal walks together into a unique skillset that strives to cut deep to the core of an organisation's purpose and DNA before using the power of written communications to move it to a new future.

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